The Real Jay Berkman, Fraudster/Pedophile

Jay Berkaman has a notorious background of  fraud, bank fraud, slander/defamation, and pedophilia. He has forged bank notes, made frivolous lawsuits to avoid paying mortgages, was writing a blog about Madoff under a pseudonym.  Jay Berkman had a felony conviction for fraud in federal court and had been sentenced to one year’s house arrest. Berkman known by colleagues as “moral degenerate” not having a brain” in fact they said “I then opined that I would rather be dead than have children like Peter Berkman and Jay Berkman.” This is possibly why Jerry took his own life, as he was so ashamed

Please see the link for some insight into Jay’s lovely character and to get to know that wonderful guy past employment of Jay Stuart Berkman FINRA has barred this individual from acting as a broker or otherwise associating with a broker-dealer firm.
Berkman claimed to be a BondNet veep, but was merely a marketing consultant, according to the complaint.” Jay Berkman, currently of JLC Group, pleaded guilty in federal court and received a sentence of one year house arrest. url, 23 October 2019, Jay Berkman was also suspended by FINRA for his misdeeds: 2308190 JAY STUART BERKMAN

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  2. This is not a review. It actually says nothing of note other than a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations. None of the links show him to be a pedophile. I literally do not understand the point of this article. Unless of course it is so you can get him to pay to take it down

  3. No surprise that digital forensic investigators have traced the digital footprints of the poster who signs off as “John Doe” to one Andrew Ross Katz, aka Ross Katz aka Stark Katz, who currently resides in Miami Florida.

    Based on extensive interviews with multiple individuals and a review of multiple social media posts, Katz has proven notorious for using pseudonyms, anonymous email accounts and burner phones to harass, threaten and intimidate individuals (and their families) who Katz has victimized–and threatens them in retaliation for ‘outing him’ and by serving as witnesses in civil and criminal matters in which Katz is a defendant.

    Katz, whose criminal arrest background extends across multiple states extending nearly 15 years, was most recently convicted in New York’s Manhattan Criminal Court on a felony assault charge. Court records (since sealed) suggest that Katz failed to appear for sentencing and fled to Florida, where, in April 2021, he was arrested yet again by Miami police and charged with 11 felonies, including assaulting a police officer.

    Katz, who presents himself on linkedin as CEO of ‘digital infrastructure firm’ and, via an assortment of ‘pay to promote your brand’ websites by submitting your own fake interviews, Katz claims to be a “crypto industry entrepreneur” who, according to him, graduated from Harvard with an MA in Finance, and that he has worked on Wall Street for firms UBS and EFG Bank.

    The problem is that Harvard University informed law enforcement investigators that Katz merely received an online degree that provided an MA in English, and representatives of both UBS and EFG Bank stated “there is no record of Katz having worked” at those banks. This is further corroborated by the financial industry regulator FINRA, which has absolutely no records of Katz ever being employed by those firms, or any other broker-dealer.

    To the bizarre post made by John Doe (aka Andrew Katz), according to independent investigators, the statements he makes are yet a continuation of efforts he has made to undermine individuals, who have brought charges against him. In this case, he identifies plaintiffs in a federal court civil litigation in which Katz and his partners Matthew Krueger and Dylan Knight are charged with multiple counts of fraud (wire fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud) in the course of stealing several hundred thousand dollars from the investors. According to Miami-Dade County court records, Katz is scheduled to next appear in court to face the 11 felony charges in December 2022. An accurate portrayal of this individual can be found in a financial industry blog that has been following Katz and Krueger’s activities since the civil litigation was first filed;

    Because Katz is a serial harasser, a pseudonym has been used to post this message so as to protect the author from becoming yet another victim of Katz’s stalking, threatening, and harassing.

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