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Don’t Trust Gennaro Lanza Malta of Karma Group

Gennaro Lanza is a forex scammer who operates several businesses to defraud customers. 

His fraudulent enterprises primarily target residents of the EU and the United Kingdom.

Among his business ventures are

  • NewFX
  • DBInvesting
  • Dubai FXM
  • Capital Solutions
  • DBFX

They are all part of his shady operation in which he convinces people to sign up for illegal forex trading schemes.

It’s one thing to run a single illegal forex scheme. 

Running a vast network of unlicensed, predatory scams, on the other hand, is a different story.

Gennaro Lanza Runs Multiple Shell Companies to Mask His Illegal Activities

Gennaro Lanza may appear to be a nobody to you, but he is the hub of a vast network of shell companies.

A shell company is a corporate organization that exists only on paper. Criminals use them to launder money and carry out criminal activities. Mouhammed Bousaleh, for example, is a drug lord who was recently exposed to have a vast network of shell companies.

Having multiple offshore enterprises allows criminals to avoid prosecution and run their illegal operation with much less troubles and oversight.

He manages the network via the boiler room, Capital Solutions (

Capital Solutions has a website, but it contains no useful information. The company presents itself as a sales and marketing specialist on the website, which is full of fluff.

According to the company’s website, it is an outsourcing firm that specialises in customer relationship management and strategic implementations. According to the company’s website, it provides marketing, sales, and call centre services.

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Capital Solutions, as one would expect from a shell company, does not provide any information about its ownership or management team.

Through the boiler room, he controls Dubai FXM, DBFX, NewFX, DBFX Trades and DBInvesting. 

That’s not all. 

There are many scammers who run various shell companies to defraud consumers. Clearly, Gennaro Lanza is following their script.

Looking into DBInvesting: Gennaro Lanza’s Current Scam

To get a sense of how scary Gennaro Lanza’s entire system is, look into one of his forex investment companies in greater detail.

I chose DBInvesting because it is still in business.

DBInvesting is an offshore broker that claims to offer MetaTrader 4, the industry’s most popular trading platform. However, the company does not offer MT4. It lies about the platform in order to entice people to register.

Furthermore, the company’s website mentions DB Invest Limited, one of the shell companies in Gennaro Lanza’s network.

The company has a Seychelles license, but that doesn’t give me much confidence in their dependability because Seychelles is notorious for lax regulations. Many forex scammers have licences from such loosely regulated jurisdictions, but that doesn’t stop them from defrauding others. 

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This Gennaro Lanza firm uses the DBFX Trades trading platform, which has received a CNMV warning for being a scam.

As a result, Lanza’s companies have faced regulatory action from various government agencies.

Another red flag is the 1:200 leverage it provides. Regulated brokers in the EU are not allowed to offer more than 1:30 leverage, so you can see how risky DBInvesting is.

Furthermore, this broker’s minimum deposit is $200, which is significantly higher than the industry standard of $10. A high minimum deposit is a huge red flag because it is the amount with which you are supposed to experiment.

Trusted brokers keep their minimum deposit requirements low so that their clients can try out their offerings without incurring significant financial risk. Scammers, on the other hand, maintain their minimum deposit requirement high so they are able to steal as much as possible from each victim.

DBInvesting is just one example; Gennaro Lanza owns and operates a slew of similar businesses.

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Don’t Trust Any Companies from Gennaro Lanza

It’s obvious that Gennaro Lanza is a heartless scammer who only cares about his financial well being. There are numerous scams which follow this strategy.

They make ridiculous promises about how much profits they can make but lack any license or authorisation to provide their services.

Avoid dealing with such scams.

Originally reported on January 13, 2023 @ 11:44 am

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