Barbados Paralegal Winston Clarke Implicated In Death Of Attorney Douglas Trotman

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Our continuing coverage of the rogue paralegal WINSTON CLARKE, whom we have exposed as a Public Danger in Barbados, has uncovered additional information that is very disturbing. One of our sources of information, who is one of Clarke’s many victims, reports that he implied that he had a role in, and inside knowledge of, the death of attorney Douglas Trotman, whose suspicious death, allegedly of COVID, when he was owed millions of dollars by the Government of Barbados, remains unsolved. Was he deliberately infected by a third party, and with what?  Trotman was owed substantial legal fees, earned from the compulsory acquisition of Sam Lords Castle at the time of his death. Readers are directed to the attachments below for details of what the Government owed the deceased.

 Clarke, a known sexual predator. fraudster and alleged agent of dark corrupt government elements, is believed to be a confidential informant for the Mottley government. His level of involvement in the murder has not been exposed, but we are continuing to investigate the matter, with the aid and assistance of Bajans determined to get to the truth.

We have been exposing Clarke’s tactics of acting as an attorney for Bajans, and engaging in the unauthorized practise of law, and keeping money and property he has recorded for his “clients,” but these new allegations demonstrate that he is a Public Enemy in Barbados, and should now be arrested, and subject to pretrial detention, meaning denied bail, due to his ongoing danger to the community. He cannot be allowed to continue to exploit additional victims with impunity.

There has been a total and complete failure of both Barbados’ legal profession, and the judiciary, to rein in this career criminal who may still have a counterfeiting case pending against him. Who can stop this criminal, before he exploits additional victims?  He’s far too close to PM Mottley to be arrested, and too close to the corrupt attorneys who constitute the Power Elite, but has he now made the fatal error of making the admission of being implicated in the Trotman death. Will he survive?  We cannot say, but we will be watching.

Barbados Paralegal Winston Clarke Implicated In Death Of Attorney Douglas Trotman
Barbados Paralegal Winston Clarke Implicated In Death Of Attorney Douglas Trotman
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